Presenting to you, Malaysia’s first and last special Black Rice Sushi. That offers a unique and distinct taste that is far more delicious than the traditional Sushi flavor. That offers a pack full of flavorsome texture and taste that takes you into a whole new dimension.

Beyond the borders of time, providing you with a traditional taste that has been served for generations. And to take your sushi experience to a whole new level we also use a special sauce stuffed with mouth-watering savor. An unforgettable texture of flavor that would make you keep coming back for more and more.

We prepare our sushi with the finest ingredients to handle your cravings along with several others reasons to keep loving Sushi! So, for those who are in love with Sushi, get ready to experience the best Sushi in Town at Samurai Sushi. Samurai Sushi, Beyond Premium Sushi.

Our Story

Samurai Sushi was established in November 2021, our take on traditional Japanese cuisine, Sushi, enhances the sushi rice to have a new taste and fragrance. We offer premium sushi at an affordable price that comes with what we called the “Black Rice” which is can be achieved by combining the rice and the special sauce we cooked on our own. Prepared by our 2 master chefs sushi with over 30 years of experience. The message is to deliver beyond than just premium sushi, which you already experience before. Samurai Sushi is currently active in 2 open-air kiosk outlets and soon will be expanding more branches across the entire Malaysia.


To provide affordable fresh and premium quality sushi with the personal touch of a next-level sushi rice experience for all Malaysian sushi lovers.


To be the 1st provider that sells the Black Rice Sushi in entire Malaysia.